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Modern FinTech solutions help businesses find investors, carry out successful transactions and manage their operations in a predictable manner. Learn more about the benefits of the Closir ecosystem and AI technology.

Imagine how many opportunities there can be when you escape the limits of intermediaries, have the entire investment universe at hand and reach investors orbuyers outside the focus of your attention. Anna Reznichenko, closir’s Authorized Partner in Ukraine, Moldova and Baltic States Managing Partner of Axilliem Capital Deal Makers, told participants in the XVII Annual Forum of Financial directors of ukraine how the best tested international practices of potential growth and conflict-free direct access to capital expand the horizons of business development. We will cover the most topical and important questions again for Agro destinations’ readers.

What trends determine the development of the capital market today?

The new Markets in Financial instruments directive (MiFid ii) was introduced in early January 2018 to promote greater integration in european financial markets and reduce trade costs. Digital tools, know-how, financial and smart technologies (FinTech) emerge, direct communication with investors is used. Investment advisers are coming to replace middlemen who can spend months on a deal watching it fall apart due to an “overly zealous auditor or skeptical owner”. They bring capital market expertise, ability to promptly prepare and carry out transactions, international communication in combination with tested innovations and the best modern financial technology (FinTech). All of this opens the door to the public international capital market.

Do the new European financial regulations apply to public companies only or to private ones, too?

Although the regulations do not specifically identify listed companies (both in and outside the EU ), they dramatically affect the existing investment studies and corporate access models, which had a notable effect on companies around the world. Today, the presence of conflict-free direct corporate access to the investment community through Closir’s AI technology is a strategic solution for building longterm investor relations.

Who opens investment “windows of opportunity” and when?

Access to the existing solutions is already available to ambitious company leaders in any industry who aim to maximize the potential of their business. Raising financing in capital markets is particularly promising for companies with dynamic growth, which use innovations and can lay the foundation for future success. An IPO allows them to increase the amount of funding by massively boosting their capital. Publicity gives the company many benefits even in difficult economic times. For example, publicly listed small and medium companies came out of the global financial and economic crisis relatively unscathed namely thanks to various capital raising solutions. In 2018, N&LPG, whose exclusive IPO adviser is Axilliem, opened an “IPO window of opportunity”, setting an inspiring example for Ukrainian businesses.

Are companies prepared to assume higher commitments in relations with investors and meet the requirements of the capital market?

Having put their business models to a strength test, companies eventually realize that securing a long-term source of funding that is less dependent on banks or strategic partners is a key aspect of a sustainable corporate strategy. This can only be achieved by building a public status. Businesses either develop or gradually vanish from the market. Most of them have only one chance.

And who can be trusted with a deal to make sure this chance is not lost?

This should be the right team because success or failure will depend on this factor by more than 70%. I guess my answer will not surprise you: trust Axilliem’s partners with handling the deal. Today, we are the only company in Ukraine with IPO adviser experience over the recent three years, and a solid team of official capital market partners on the leading exchanges, in particular Deutsche Börse. We provide an innovative integrated FinTech program and an ecosystem for accelerated business growth based on the best world practices and AI technology for raising capital and / or selling a business. Without exaggeration, our knowledge is supported by the actual requirements of the capital market, which are dynamic in their expectations. We also provide comprehensive support for companies with small and medium capitalization.

Some experts believe there are many undervalued assets in the country. Do you agree?

Yes, they are right. Every business is a fascinating path for an entrepreneur, his or her piece of art and craftsmanship. A masterpiece only becomes valuable when its value is determined by the public. Without this, a picture is just a canvas. The same is true for the company’s publicity: when you introduce your company to the capital market, you will learn its objective market value, be able to use different ways of raising capital, secure its independence, ensure that transactions are safe and the right to dividends is protected.

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Author: Anna Reznichenko, Partner & Managing Director of NBB Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine

Anna Reznichenko